Optional Resources to Energize an Internet of Rules

To optimize the utility of the Internet of Rules for early adopters, Xalgorithms Alliance plans to set up a comprehensively risk-managed “high resilience environment” (HRE) based on a fully free/libre/open stack, with nodes deployed in multiple jurisdictions, for IoR core services, running the free/libre/open source Apache Spark for high-speed in-memory processing of networked tables.

IoR HRE JUMA (Preliminary Description)


The Internet of Rules High Resilience Environment “JUMA” (joint use and maintenance agreement) is a template contract that mimics in a multi-party contract the business functions of a not-for-profit common-elements freehold industrial condominium corporation. Its purpose is to provide member-controlled domain-specific cloud computing infrastructure and services for the core computing facilities and services of an Internet of Rules. The reference description of industrial-condominium corporations dates to the 1970s, but is just as relevant today:

The IoR HRE JUMA would mimic the checks and balances of consortium law in the form of a contract, as these matters are well-established in the real-property domain. This is not the first adaptation of the ‘condominium’ concept within the computing domain:

In the envisioned, globally distributed network, each IoR HRE hub would be owned, developed and operated as an independent, not-for-profit entity under the laws of its host jurisdiction. Hubs can not-for-profit divisions or subsidiaries of existing hosting services. The various hubs would be linked through a franchise contract that establishes common technical, operational and branding parameters for the system and its services in aggregate.

The common element assets of each hub include the hardware and services supplied by co-location datacentres; the suite of joinly-managed hardware and services; various intellectual assets or liabilities held by the not-for-profit corporation (goodwill, data, copyright, trademark, patent); and any financial assets or liabilities held by the corporation. Copyrighted assets of the computing-JUMA corporation would be licensed under Apache 2.0 (or a later version of said license) by default, although the participating units may agree to other free/libre/open source licences as preferred.

Participating units in each IoR Core hub would be independent, incorporated entities that commit to and meet a set of business and technical requirements, as expressed in the agreement. The participating units in each computing JUMA may be any type of private- or public-sector corporation based inside or outside the host country.


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