Xalgorithms “Community Groups” (XCG) and “Working Groups” (XWG)

Xalgorithms Foundation convenes informal “Community Groups” (XCG) and formal “Working Groups” (XWG). Each has a charter to summarize the broad goals that its participants wish to enable or facilitate by using, and further advancing, an Internet of Rules with the Xalgo specification and the Interlibr service, using the XalgoAuthor and Lichen applications.

Community Group. An informal XCG may be convened by Xalgorithms Foundation, or one or more members of Xalgorithms Alliance, without a specific budgetary commitment, and supported through participants’s own resources. An XCG can be created under the auspices of Xalgorithms Foundation when its charter is approved as such in writing by the Executive Director of the Foundation. (More info here soon.)

Working Groups. A formal XWG may be convened by one or more members of Xalgorithms Alliance, with its own governance process, project budget and bank account to support activities on a free/libre not-for profit basis. An XWG can be created under the auspices of Xalgorithms Foundation when its charter is approved as such in a resolution of the Board of Xalgorithms Foundation. (More info here soon.)

Compete on the unique. Collaborate on the universal.

It can be more practical for organizations to undertake certain types of research, development, deployment and testing through participation in multi-stakeholder community groups or working groups, which can complement their own procurement or internal staffing. This is particularly the case when a class of problem to be resolved may extend beyond one’s own corporate scale or mandate, or when progress may require the midstream flexibility to reframe what problem is being solved. Such projects can be easier to manage through effective external collaboration.

Independent organizations have diverse reasons for committing resources to, and cooperating in advancing market integrity through comprehensive standards-based rules automation.

Join Xalgorithms Alliance to co-implement and build upon a universal Internet of Rules. Organizations and specialists are invited to get involved in one of six ways:

  • Strategic Implementers
    CAD$100,000 Annual Contribution Plus An Equivalent Commitment to Joint Research & Development
  • Experimenting Implementers
    CAD$10,000 Annual Contribution Plus An Equivalent Commitment to Joint Research & Development
  • Developers & Researchers
    CAD$500 Annual Contribution With an Ad Hoc Commitment to Joint Research & Development
  • R&D Donors
    Grants & Contributions to Advance the Mission (Financial and/or In-Kind)
  • External Advisors
    Consultative Assistance to Advance the Mission
  • Subscribers
    Receive Updates & Notices @xalgorithms @xalgo4trade #internetofrules

Xalgorithms Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing accountability, management, and free/libre/open source R&D in collaboration with members of Xalgorithms Alliance.

50 Good Reasons to Join Xalgorithms Alliance

All software and documentation produced under Xalgorithms Alliance is freely shared with any and all on an equivalent basis, regardless of whether or not they participate. Yet there are many good reasons to contribute financially and in the developmental research.

Learn Earlier

1. Get strategic foresight from pre-public exploration of Xalgorithms system development priorities and new capabilities.
2. Benefit from early knowledge of system conformance test requirements that will help your company meet those requirements sooner
3. Gain practical expertise working with prototype and test systems prior to official version updates.
4. Review training materials, guides and technical documentation well before they are published.
5. Understand the challenges with greater depth when you or some personnel from your organization are also core Xalgorithms developers and co-authors.

Collaborate More Substantively

6. Xalgorithms does not compete with you for a slice of the pie. We’re an ingredient for better pie, advancing the entire rules automation market.
7. Xalgorithms Alliance members will be recognized for their co-leadership role in a common effort to improve commerce as a whole.
8. There’s a lot of insight to be gained when you or your personnel are directly involved in the design, development and business sustainability of something that’s useful to any market.
9. Through direct involvement, you help prioritize the ever-evolving capabilities and features that deserve attention.
10. Direct involvement in co-authoring of conformance tests to address idiosyncracies familiar only to specialists helps to ensure that they address functional and operational requirements less obvious to others.
11. The value of Xalgorithms components for your organization will increase as more organizations use it, so it’s preferred that your competitors also engage the Network Effect.
12. It’s advantageous for you to have a hand in helping payers and payees of all types, using any platform, understand the new capabilities that Xalgorithms components make available to them in the market.
13. Some problems are best resolved, and some constrains are best overcome, jointly amongst participant-investors from diverse organizations.
14. Your competitors also have some complementary, synergistic interests.
15. Solving complex problems requires the involvement of people with diverse competencies, experiences and perceptions.
16. Specialized technical efforts can pooled across organizational boundaries.
17. Some breakthroughs can only be attained through ubiquity.

Promote & Co-Brand

18. Extend your outreach via Xalgorithms websites, social media channels, webinars, publications.
19. Xalgorithms contributes some very targetted high value networking and communications to your market segment(s) and priorities.
20. You can participate in the design of selection processes for task-based contracts, research grants and competitions run by Xalgorithms.
21. Xalgorithms developers do not work exclusively for Xalgorithms Foundation. Some of them would be happy to work for your firm too. This is a good ‘filtering” tool for finding the best people for this domain.
22. Be cool in yet another way.
23. Engage in joint representation to cultivate “whole market sector” recognition.
24. Leverage agreements on mutual referencing in communications
25. Promote your organization as a leading implementer and contributor to Xalgorithms innovations.
26. Display the Xalgorithms Alliance name and logo in your documentation.
27. Have your organization’s name and logo displayed in Xalgorithms sites, presentations and publications.
28. Earn the right to display the Lichen and/or XR conformance logos based on successful conformance testing.
29. Get to know the people advancing specific system capabilities relevant to your priorities.
30. Highlight your company sector or personnel most associated with Xalgorithms.
31. Nominate to “Tier 5 Members” those who have made major relevant contributions to making an Internet of Rules feasible

Distribute & Buffer Risk

32. Qualify for an optional group insurance and benefits package to manage Xalgorithms-related financial risk. (This the related items below are under development.)
33. Participate in refining warranty and indemnity insurance packages for defined classes of errors & omissions related to brining external rules into transactions.
34. Prepare for event-response group insurance with a revolving fund, and access to specialists on standing offers for emergency response.
35. Tailor a preventative maintenance package for deployed software, with defined benefits.
36. Ensure efficient and audited claims processing.
37. Maintain continuity of support during financial crises or austerity
38. Enhance your emergency preparedness through an algorithmic situational awareness system.
39. Benefit from a domain-specific data disclosure control agreement.
40. Get advance warning on issues that can impact commerce.
41. Negotiate and get the benefits of an Impact Containment Protocol.

Ensure Dependable Governance & Management

42. Benefit from clear terms of involvement via the Xalgorithms Alliance Accession Agreement (XAAA).
43. Attend, vote and speak at member meetings
44. Elect/nominate chairs, technical authorities and editors on the Xalgorithms board, committees, task forces (e.g. conformance testing)
45. Have a role in the organizational deliberation and governance of Xalgorithms.
46. Engage well-structured project management.
47. Participate directly in systems architecture decisions.
48. Ensure alignment between business requirements and component scope and function.
49. Ensure the required level of issue-response.
50. Be a player in this simple, achievable and yet profound improvement to global commerce.



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