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Small World, Big Scope

Every aspect of Xalgorithms systems and operations is designed for global scalability. Yet we are a small new initiative. This small community of thoughtful people be pleased to help you, anywhere, with Xalgorithms software, systems and ideas.

  • Operational Efforts, for example:
    • How to express particular transaction rules in Xalgo form;
    • How to integrate Lichen with an existing commerce application.
  • Complex Deliberations, for example:
    • Security optimization for an Internet of Rules;
    • Potential macro-level emergent effects of algorithmic commerce.

Xalgorithms Foundation Personnel

The core team will be pleased to assist anyone to advance the fairness and efficiency of commerce, through the automated supply and demand of essential computational algorithms over the Internet. Let us know how we can help.

There is no fee for Xalgorithms Foundation assistance. The not-profit corporation’s bylaws prohibit it from pursuing fee-for-service revenue-generating opportunities. The only thing the Foundation sells is ‘memberships‘ in Xalgorithms Alliance, to advance its free/libre/open source R&D initiative. The Foundation identifies and structures fee-for-service commercial incentives that advance its mission, which any firm in the market may autonomously pursue, including Xalgorithms Alliance members, and contractors to Xalgorithms Foundation.

Fee-for-Service Assistance

Xalgorithms Alliance Member Companies, Organizations and Individuals

Member companies of Xalgorithms Alliance independently provide commercial support on a fee-for-service basis.

  • omNovos (Retail), Strategic Implementation Member of Xalgorithms Alliance.
  • Lexmerca (Global Trade Facilitation), Research and Development Member of Xalgorithms Alliance.
  • Hub Culture (Payment Operations), Research and Development Member of Xalgorithms Alliance.
  • Payment Pathways (Commercial Identity Management), External Advisor to Xalgorithms Alliance.
  • Xelerance (IoR Infrastructure Implementation), R&D Donor to Xalgorithms Alliance.
  • Learn how your company can participate too.

Other Companies and Organizations

Any competent organization or individual is at liberty to assist others with co-implementing and building upon a universal Internet of Rules, within the terms of the applicable free/libre/open licenses. Participation in Xalgorithms Alliance is invited, not required.

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